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  1. version problem to install in windows server 2003 web edition sp2. I tried 3.4.30267 also the same after download double click it nothing happening. same file bring to windows 7 sp1 ok can upgrade and install. tried also uninstall previous version also can solve the problem.
  2. lkk

    µTorrent WebUI

    Thanks Ultima. So nothing can do now until uT fix the API right.
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    µTorrent WebUI

    First of all thanks for this great tools it's very useful for me. Recently I found a bit of problem on RSS Favorites, when I add RSS feed from China site it display nicely no problem but from feed add to favorite the title & filter become unreadable characters and auto download can't pick up any things from feed. Would you please look in t o this problem. But in uTorrent (v3.1.3.26837) program direct add favorite no problem. Another problem is in the favorites list can' t save unchecked favorite. Every time close and reopen the RSS window the unchecked favorite still show in checked.