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  1. @sola: I found the problem and it'll be fixed in the forthcoming version. If you/someone else see(s) other "NaN" fields please let us know.
  2. @ICleolion: \o Yup, feels pretty good. @Ultima: A perfect facepalm.jpg moment. I'm sure I'll continue to have many of these. "not any time soon (if ever)" :/ Alus & Co. can't always be _that_ busy, with enough pressure and nagging shit will get done.
  3. @Brama: Exactly. I finally found the problem where the ETA would display ( > 2)y turns out that if the number of seconds gets really small and you calculate the number of years (seconds / 31536000) you'll end up with a really, really small number represented in E-notation, e.g. 3 seconds = 9.512937595129376e-8 years. Now the thing that I didn't consider was that if you convert that number to an integer with the JavaScript function parseInt (which is so wrong, because parseInt accepts a string as an argument) it'll end up converting the argument to a string, e.g. "9.512937595129376e-8", and parseInt("9.512937595129376e-8") == 9. FAIL.
  4. @Bassboy: already fixed in the upcoming version.
  5. @Ultima: Yes :/ and this can't be a rounding error.
  6. One problem I found with the ETA was that if the # of weeks was 0 and the # of days was greater than 0 it wouldn't display as 0w _d. @sirWest: o_O I don't know what's going on there, but I do think it's possible if during endgame-mode µTorrent was waiting for a block and the WebUI updated that instance.
  7. @user9475: tstatus.png is set as the background-image of the name cell and then you can use the background-position property to move the image around. The problem is that you can't (currently) clip the background image to, for example, a 16x16px rectangle. So, using the horizontal image doesn't work out too well. @ZaInT: Here is the tstatus.png from the Silk theme.
  8. @ZaInt: The icons are interchangeable; if, in your opinion, the colours are switched you can rearrange them to your liking or use another theme. You'll need to extract the zip file and open images/tstatus.png in your favourite image editing software and do the editing. If you choose to use another theme just note that the icons have to be arranged vertically and not horizontally.
  9. An updated v0.361 is now available with the following changes: @seven7: You need to open index.html and remove it in there aswell. It's at the end of the file. @PabUK: Uhh, lets say your request falls under "Changed: More areas of WebUI translated." @Eejit: fixed . @Milamber: Yes, that'll definitely be implemented at some point (most likely one of the first new features).
  10. I was thinking that we should probably add the version number to older builds and the newest build should be
  11. @guijarrelson: Did you place the in the correct folder? Check the HowTo.
  12. memosis: only if you open the source files and edit it out. Snowknight26: That's just how the Aquazureus theme has it set up.
  13. @Photon: Are you seeing any JavaScript error in the Error Console? (Tools -> Error Console)
  14. After one year of "intense coding" we have an updated WebUI for you. This could/should have come earlier, my apologies. You should be running µTorrent 1.8.1. Download: I recommend right-clicking, clicking "Save link/target as..." and then entering OR you can rename the file to after you've downloaded it. (timestamps were added to prevent browsers from serving cached versions) What's new since v0.310? From a feature standpoint you won't be seeing anything new. New features will obviously get added soon. At the moment, you can do your basic torrent controlling, but more important features, e.g. setting the folder where downloads should be put in, are unavailable. - better browser support: IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari - language support: all languages included in the 1.8 langpack are available - we're now using the excellent MooTools JavaScript Framework to do all the dirty work, which resulted in an improved UI and ultimately IE6 support (of course other JS libraries would have done the same) - 1.8-compatible * * The settings dialog has all the important settings that can be set in 1.8 and some of these will be ignored in older version of µTorrent. Bug tracking will now be handled through Trac. You'll also be able to browse the source and do a svn checkout if you'd like to. A proper licence for the webui files will be added soon. So, bug reports, feature request, patches (for improvements or bug fixes) are very much welcome. This will be the new readme, which I'll be updating in the next few hours with the known issues the WebUI is suffering from. For older versions of µTorrent (< 1.8) download Happy Testing, WebUI Team
  15. Directrix

    WebUI v0.315

    1. No 2. You can move the config file (settings.dat (!!), resume.dat, etc.) to the folder where µTorrent's exe resides.