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  1. bert02

    µTorrent WebUI

    yeah i have that issue with chrome too. sometimes its fine other times its way out
  2. bert02

    µTorrent MiniUI

    after neglecting this many years ago figuring i didnt need it i had forgotten about it but now im using my phone to view/add torrents this is great is alot faster and easier to manage than the webUI i had been using for over a year now havent tested it all yet but its showing what its meant to. hopefully no problems with adding them
  3. bert02

    µTorrent WebUI

    i was getting this confused with utorrent remote can now finally access this via lan and also access from the web with some port forwarding. not have to wait ages to login and for server problems theres only 1 thing that annoys me, with utorrent remote in the added on and completed on headings it says 2 hrs ago or 1 day ago or 2 days ago etc nice and easy to read with the web ui its listed as 2012-11-06-T16:00:20+10-30 anyway that can be changed?