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  1. Just to compliment my last post... I've practically replaced cable with uTorrent and the reason for that was Ads. So this is kinda going back to that same model, but actually bringing it even closer to my 'happy place'! Again, this is 2012 and any serious user can see the value of good software to PAY for it... the truth is, you can't be FREE forever and scheming around the fact you've got bills is silly. CHARGE FOR IT ALREADY!
  2. STOP RIGHT THERE! Look at this example from App.NET built by Dalton Caldwell and his team formerly of imeem. This all sterted with a popular BLOG POST: which sparked this PROPORSAL: to build App.NET He proved that, like imeem, and soon to follow Facebook and Twitter, the ad model will kill or atleast make your once awesome service utterly shit for your target audience. No casuals use uTorrent, we know what we want and this is not it. And like the users who funded App.NET, I'm willing to pay for uTorrent if it means no ads and no bullshit. Build the software for us, treat us like the customers and the users considered first when developing this tool and I think people will compensate for the bills! ADS WILL DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY and I fell like that's true for the lot of uTorrent users. GET RID OF THE CRAP, get back to the awesome!