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  1. That your definition of tribal. In my opinion it is anything but primitive. Most ancient civilizations (even tribes) had a very spiritual culture, honor system, and extensive knowledge of astronomy (not to mention it was recently discovered that a tribe somwhere in Africa knew of the existance of the 10th planet in our solar system more than a thousand years before "modern science"). There's no reference to technology of any kind. It's simply a cultural state. So a tribesman can be modern. Our tribal guy shows just that - he is mechanical and tribal. But I think Im getting way of point here. @BSH: The latest cat head would look much better for an icon than a ninja star (imo). The frog squeezing part is cool, but the frog is much smaller than your ninja (when in fact azureus is much larger in size, and cpu and ram usage). So how about making the frog bigger and making the ninja ride it? Its just a thought.
  2. Thank you. I just remembered another thing Micro symbolizes - simpleness. Tribal warriors are simple and so is uTorrent cuz it requires no instalation. EDIT: I've experimented with BSHs logo a bit. The fonts are much more suitable now (at least in my opinion) since theyre more digital looking. But my reconstruction of BSHs background is more pathetic.
  3. Sry to have to say it but i dont like the ninja cat. It looks more like an alien to me. Allthough I like all other BSHs designs I still have to go with the tribal guy (I decided to call him Micro). He's tiny, fast (tiny things are always fast) and tribal warriors always work and attack together. But the main reason is that I can already see a good title or banner animation: The frog and comet were intentionaly made larger than the tribal guy. And there you have it: strenght, speed, intelligence, tinyness, and superiority over 2 most popular torrent clients. Any similarities with other torrent clients were purely intentional
  4. I think BSHs tiny birds look really nice, but a bird has been used for a logo to many times. The tribal guy is trully unique and Ive never seen anything remotely like it in a logo before. It really sticks in your head and thats the point of a logo - unique image that everyone will immediately assosiate with uTorrent.
  5. I also love the little tribal man. You could use the (almost) mono color image for the icon and the shaded one for the logo. And I think putting BSHs logo into the tribal guys hand is a bad idea. It might look better to do it the other way around: or I also made the tribal guy a bit more bluish. (I think it makes him look even more micro) And since we're going for the borg approach I think it'd be really cool to add "Resistance is futile" in the logo (instead of "the fastest growing client") Its also more meaningfull. (It says "its pointless to look for another bt client. we are perfection" )
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