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  1. I have been following this thread for a very very long time. I have seen the number of complaints and problems raised with v4.xxxx over the months/years. The latest niggles about having an x86 or x64 version; the LAA thingy, memory limits, yada yada yada. Whilst all these things are important for the purists, let's get back to basics... Regardless of whether you have the latest whizz-bang PC or a much older machine, your RAM is hugely faster than just about anything else in your box of tricks. The main bottleneck for uT is your internet speed and disk-thrashing if you are short of disk space. Just about everything else pales into insignificance. I'm still using uT v3.55 build 45263 (with Ads removed). Yes, it's ancient, but it does what I need. I often download complete discographies, multiple movies and whole TV series of several hundred Gigs at a time. It uses almost all of my 80Mb/s download capacity leaving just enough for me to surf unhindered and runs for weeks on end. I have never lost a torrent or associations and it has never crashed on me; not once. Unless you own one of the internet backbones, I find it utterly ridiculous that some people have thousands of torrents running. You only have a certain amount of dowload capacity. The more segments you chop that into, the slower each one is and takes longer. I have found there's very little to be gained (if any) by having loads of torrents running rather than a few dozen or so at a time. Just my 2cents worth.
  2. Done all those and double-checked. Getting a few more pop-ups (all uTorrent.exe on random ports) but nothing like it used to. Earlier versions were never this intrusive. The Mrs runs a v2.something and she rarely sees pop-ups even tho we have the same system and pretty much identical software installed (identical Windows, MB & WD). Its only me that investigates beta software and new stuff. And I'll say it again.... I don't get ANY warnings at all from anything else - only uT when it's running. Just been watching it. It seems to be mainly from [inbound & outbound].
  3. That seems to have done the trick Been running for 15+ minutes now and only 1 warning pop-up. Normally, I would have seen a dozen or more warnings just typing this reply; but so far, just the one at the start and nothing else as yet. This is what I mean about this client - we have to jump thru hoops to stop it being really annoying in execution. I don't get that with other software, not even adware.
  4. I have disabled ads as per your sig line and added more to my hosts file that I didn't have. Unless I've missed something, I don't see what else I can do.
  5. I can only comment on my system here. uT running: constant warnings. uT not running: nothing.
  6. Therein lies the problem. I don't see the ads in the client, MB/WD blocks them before the client gets the content. The problem is uT issuing the request for the malicious ads in the first place. Whether inbound or outbound, it is always uTorrent.exe. I get maybe *one* in a couple of dozen visits to torrent sites; I can live with that. But with uT running, it is constant. That's my gripe.
  7. I don't "see" many ads - my hosts file blocks the majority of them and what few there are don't intrude on my use of the app or website. After a while, I don't even notice they are there. Just as with uT, I see no ads in the left pane at all because just about EVERY advert they try to poke at me is being blocked as malicious by MB and also sometimes by Windows Defender. I just get tired of seeing the pop-ups from MB every few seconds because of uT. I could turn them off but then I wouldn't catch something persistent that should be added to hosts. The problem is uT; nothing else triggers the warnings. uT needs to be a lot more selective in what it tries to deliver to the user. Constantly throwing up malicious sites is not a good experience.
  8. I have several adware apps and quite a few websites that offer up adverts for various things. Not a single one of them triggers Malware Bytes "Malicious Website Blocked" warning message - only those offered by uT. That must tell the calibre (or not) of what they are trying to dish up. I'm not adverse to adverts as a concept. But adverts that constantly trigger warnings from my anti-virus and/or anti-malware protection is something else. There's the difference.
  9. No, the Upgrade isn't showing. The number of website warnings has slowed down but it's still every 10 seconds or so. 1182x864 is standard widescreen on my nVidia card and fits my 24" monitor very nicely. 1024x768 is too low for most of the webpages I use and 1280x anything or higher is too small to read a lot of text for apps & webpages. Pop-up boxes like Help-About or other stuff has me crawling on my desk to get closer to read it. As it is, I'm having to Ctrl+ (sometimes twice) to read boxes like this reply box. My eyes aren't what they used to be not so many years ago (cataracts). What I'm trying to say is that with all the other programs, games, and other stuff I have installed on here, only uT is giving me these sort of problems over recent years. Everything else almost always behaves itself without having to go thru hoops just to keep it sensible. That's the point.
  10. Can't get mine anywhere near that close (wish I could). It's better, but not how I'd like it. I can make the left pane bigger, but not smaller and it's still too big with far too much empty space around it. I'm running Win7 Ultimate with a screen rez of 1182x864. I don't have Win 8/10 at all.
  11. Seems like it did an auto-update without me knowing coz the last download was much older than what was running (3.5.0 something). Still had to extract the carrier.exe and had to go thru all the advert blocks again (probably due to the auto-update) so turned that off again. Slightly better display - more room for the entries rather than 30%+ taken up with extra-wide advert space but I still can't resize the display panes like we used to.
  12. Strange, doesn't seem to happen like that here. Every new version I run, I have to reset the options - nothing seems to remain the same as the previous running version. I'll try the latest Stable from your link and see what happens. I'll still have to reboot for the newer hosts entries. It's a pain.
  13. My hosts file has hundreds of entries that have accumulated over the years but as fast as I add them, uT is delivering even more new ones. As for tweaking some entries, it does seem a shame that all new uT installs reset most of these to poke adverts at us and we have to go thru them all over again. It gets tiresome and annoying keep doing it. Why does uT keep resetting them on every new install?? Perhaps there should be an option to store such entries elsewhere (INI file??) rather than having them ebedded within the program. Add the fact I can't move/reseize the program panes makes the display totally crap these days. Even worse now that we can't just copy the EXE over the old one and just run it like we used to. I don't see why we have to extract the real program from the installer to stop this ludicrous behaviour; there should be different download options for this (installer and program only). The whole uT experience is getting worse with every new release, both beta and stable versions.
  14. The problem I get is the more recent the version, the more and more malicious website [blocked] warnings I get from Malware Bytes with the advertising uT is trying to deliver. When I run it now, my screen barely spends a second without a pop-up being on the screen until I exit uT. Which is why I download what I want and run rather than leaving stuff seeding; it's waay to intrusive when it runs. I realise this is not what torrent sharing is all about and I'm ashamed to admit to such selfish practices. That's why I'm seriously thinking of back-tracking to an earlier version (less warnings).
  15. I certainly wouldn't want any sort of browser-style client - I'll stick with the stand-alone version. My version is quite old (3.5.1 b44321) but the one thing that they seem to have ignored is the type of adverts they serve up. I don't mind adware if the product does what I want it to do. But the last few beta releases I've used over the last couple of years have sent my Malware Bytes into a frenzy with "Malicious Website Blocked" constantly popping up while uT is running. It's definitely uT because as soon as I stop it, the pop-ups stop. Fair enough if you have ad-supported software but at least be mindful of the quality of what you serve up. I'm seriously thinking of going back to an earlier version of uT or even a different client.