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    BEncode Editor

    That's a real downer , So isn't tinkering with the other stats kinda pointless . Like I'd have set my total download and upload in TB's . But my download/upload for the last 31 days is 100 MB / 20 MB . I know this is an extreme example , but just trying to emphasize my point . So is using cheat engine a viable solution . Also since I'm not sure how to handle this hexadecimal numbers , I thought maybe copying others settings ( just the daily_download_hist ; daily_upload_hist values ) which copes up with my total stats . Can this be done ? Thanks a lot for the help ciaobaby . Wow 16 bit is more than enough to knock me out cold , won't be needing that 128 bit monster .
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    BEncode Editor

    Hi Ultima , First of all , thank you very much for this amazing tool . I'm no pro but started learning to use this and now I'm familiar with basic stuffs like editing the total download and upload stats of utorrent . I had no problems modifying these values as their type is Integer . But for the following stats daily_download_hist daily_upload_hist the default type is set as "Binary" "as Binary" , I tried changing their type to integer and thereby altering their corresponding value but still , nothing's changed in the stats page . And the type reverted back to its default setting . I've also heard a suggestion that Cheat Engine can be used for editing these stats , is it possible . Or is there any other way to overcome this , like using a converter or changing to other types . I've tried using many online converters , but I'm not even sure under which category does these alphanumeric values comes under . And this is just a fraction of the real value , the entire value is 0xEDD7701100000000E4EFF15200000000E4227B110000000002E6A00F0000000011CACCE700000000E72E530D01000000D1E6BD1200000000CA12811A00000000E2C7B012000000001D2CEC1400000000E34A9D170000000078F9ED4A0000000075B8773600000000FEA3881200000000A795F01000000000A7F6CE0F00000000D98B690C000000000294631100000000BBD3B90D0000000081DA530B00000000EF2DF70E00000000470C330C00000000BA8AD71600000000DC3C538B0000000099CE870D000000006B3BC42C00000000D82FC518000000007A49F1060000000013ED6307000000008A122C0A000000009EDBD80A00000000 Now someone please explain to me how am I supposed to edit these stats . And also under what category does this value come under . Even though I'm new to this , I am well aware that this is no Binary as mentioned in the pic as it must contain only of 0's and 1's . This is a cocktail of alphabets , numbers and Binary Digits .