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  1. Thank you!! :D You're right about the add dialogue, but since the normal ui has it, it may be a feature request?
  2. There already is. There already is this as well. Please could you tell me how? I only have up and down arrows. Would be nice to specify a specific queue number rather than to use arrows, or have keyboard shortcuts. As for adding a new torrent, the webui doesn't give me an option to place top of queue.
  3. Yes Yes i have still no joy. Check that each computer is on the same workgroup, I have seen it before when computers have defaulted to the workgroup: workgroup rather than the one I have set. Also check to make sure the subnet is the same on each computer. Sometimes its hard to find out what is wrong and often something set or something changed on the router is at fault, in which case its best to reset everything to default settings and start over again. Factory reset on router, reinstall of utorrent, uninstall of firewall etc.
  4. Is there any way to make a default view, or minui to remember its last view type? I ask because each time I open I have to go to options, select downloading (otherwise uploads appear first) and then Sort by: Queue Number. I think there should either be a quicker way of doing this or it should remember your setting next time!
  5. A suggestion for this UI: Can there be a way of setting queue number and A way like there is directly to use keyboard shortcuts and the arrow keys to move a torrent up and down the queue. Even an option to place at top of queue when opening a new torrent would be nice than having to click many times the up arrow.
  6. Can you ping those computers on your network? Have you tried windows name resolving instead? computername:port/gui I don't have a problem connecting via ip, computername or locally.
  7. In opera you cannot scroll to the bottom of menu or torrents, it just snaps back up to the top each time.
  8. It would be so helpful to add a right click menu to change priority (enter number) rather then just up and down and the arrows. clicking 200 times when you want to add a torrent top is not fun. Maybe it's possible to make the queue up and down keyboard shortcut work with the web gui also? (I think it's ctrl+ shift+ arrow direction.