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  1. Damn. Excuse me for thinking that someone out there may have seen the same thing as me REGARDLESS of whether this is a BTguard forum or a uTorrent forum. This why I stay away from forums on the internet. Some people can be such d!cks. Thanks for nothing.
  2. I don't know where the issue lies. That's why I'm looking for assistance.
  3. Just recently, I am having an issue where torrents will not download and on the status bar at the bottom I see "DHT: Waiting to login". I have been using uTorrent successfully for more than a year with no changes to my firewall/router setup so I do not believe that to be the problem (nor antivirus, which has not changed) as is suggested in a lot of the posts on this DHT topic I see here. What HAS changed just before I started having this issue is that I subscribed to BTGuard and changed my uTorrent setup to use proxy.btguard.com as a proxy. What I find fixes the issue is to either close uTorrent and reopen or right click the message in the status bar, uncheck "Enable DHT", and then re-check it. However, then at some point after downloading what's in the queue it will change back to "DHT: Waiting to login". I have looked at a guide posted by a frequent poster on this forum but did not find any of the suggestions to work - a couple of them mention firewall or antivirus settings, but neither of these have changed from before I started having the issue. I also tried renaming/deleting the dht.dat and dht.dat.old files (as well as the rss-dht.dat file since I am using RSS feeds) and while they did re-create themselves, this did not fix the problem. Can someone offer some guidance as to what may be the issue here?