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    Stops uploading; sometimes stops downloading

    I've done that with every single one of them. Some have no difficulties; others stick on upload (most often) and occasionally on download.
  2. samanthaf63

    Stops uploading; sometimes stops downloading

    I had trouble with newer versions when I tried them last time, although in all fairness I don't remember the version. But it used to work on the old hard drive, and the only difference is that it had gone to my E: drive and now they're going to the F: drive. But it's the same drive in any case.
  3. Got a new hard drive and did all the necessary things to make utorrent work (2.2.1). However, after I upload for awhile, I suddenly get the message "Can't find file." Sometimes it's already uploaded 25-50% of the file in question and I have to force re-check and then it starts up again. But after uploading for awhile it happens again. Don't often have trouble downloading now although occasionally the same thing happens. Yes, I have Windows 10 but I had it on the old hard drive, too.