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    I get also little error TEXT : "{\"build\":25053,\"label\":.....\"messages\": [\n]\n}\n" FILENAME : http://IP:port/gui/mootools.js LINENUMBER : 1 its probably same character thing but how do i fix this? I tried upgrading newest version but that was total fail. I hope someone help me upgrade to newest version without loosing my current data. Edit: I figured out where the problem is. I have there one broken RSS feed. How i delete that feed without damaging anything else? Edit2: Now the feed is fixed and i get in again i found that all my .torrent files are just gone. How that can happen??? I surelly did not delete them. Had download all .torrent files again. I downloaded latest utorrent server version and i saw that there is different webui. Is that newer or older? I like that v0.387 way more because that contain RSS downloader but default one dont. So I replaced it.