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  1. Right you were Beasly, after a system restore i managed to get rid of all that "accidentally" installed junk, so the installer is made somewhat confusing "on purpose" for some of us :/ There are two options - Standard Installation vs Custom Installation... ! note how all the toolbar options with Custom Installation are grayed out if picking Standard Installation and one assumes to get only clean uTorrent installation with this option... ...but nooo, you have to pick Custom Installation and uncheck everything!!! user friendly behaviour, perhaps Another thing that bothers me with this new installation is forced agreement with OpenCandy network :mad: It is placed as part B inside uTorrent's License Agreement (scroll down when reading before installation) for whatever reason... as i do agree with part A i actually don't feel comfortable at all agreeing with the latter! For future reference i'd hope to see 3rd party/optional licences separated from the main License Agreement, it should be placed directly before whatever recommendations/processes it holds, and its Privacy Policy should also be readable directly from there instead of linking to some other sites!
  2. Ok rafi, pray i will what can you say about that uTorrentControl_v6 folder? did it get there with optional offers during set up though i left all the boxes unchecked and went for standard installation...
  3. thanx guys for the update note! in the meantime i edited my previous post with additional questions basically i want to know how this .exe file migration should work? do i simply replace the previous in Program Files folder and delete the ones that got created in AppData folder, any additional steps i should take? thanx again in advance
  4. Is this normal that 3.3 version doesn't automatically update to this latest stable version 3.3.1 (build 29938) though it is set to do so? It's not even offered when i click Check for Updates in the Help tab... beta updates are disabled though. Previous versions have always upgraded successfully after the automatic offer via pop-up. More questions arose after manual test update: I downloaded the .exe file manually and replaced the previous 3.3 .exe in the Program Files (x86) in uTorrent folder as suggested. After launching the app i had to go through the whole Set Up again and the new .exe file was still created in AppData folder... after checking through all the folders there i found another exactly the same .exe in the "updates" folder. So now i have 3 absolutely identical .exe files in 3 different folders. Can i delete the 2 in AppData folder (don't want them there, UAC is in my system for a purpose) and uTorrent will pick up the right one in Program Files folder? There's now also a uTorrentControl_V6 folder in Program Files (x86) that got created with the last set up?! There's 12 items in there, some Toolbar related stuff amongst them. I specifically avoided to install any additional/optional toolbar stuff during set up, so why has it been created and for what purpose? Any help would be appreciated since i must have done something wrong...