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  1. Maybe there is no such issue? Maybe it is all related to how much RAM-cache you've allowed to use in your advanced-cache->settings? You are welcome to my setting with ~150M RAM max total' date=' ~40M typical...[/quote'] My limit is 512 MiB (Total RAM: 4 GiB) Process' memory consumption fits into this limit But version 3.3 introduced problem, leading to constant growth of Windows' cache usage Not so important which side is more guilty (uTorrent or Windows), the one is clear: new versions of uTorrent leads to consumption of all available RAM; old versions runs stable
  2. I see that topic about abnormal RAM consumtion is closed ( http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=132524 ) 1. Where is actual discussion about this problem? In this topic? 2. Please fix this problem. uTorrent versions 3.3 & 3.3.1 are unusable due to it
  3. Reverting back to 3.2.3 because with 3.3 1. Torrent list UI is not updating (until you click the list entry) 2. Program eats all of my RAM (2+GB [most of it is "Cache WS" in Process Explorer/Ctrl+I/Memory] while cache is set to 512Mb in preferences)