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  1. Greetings uTorrent Forum, We'll be running another test of the gated bundle torrents. Forum User jknoll, of the Content Team will be available to answer questions about this first-of-its kind test. To participate, * Download uTorrent 3.4.30066 or later * Download this torrent: * Mousing over the torrent file in the uTorrent will popup a tooltip window to notify you to unlock the bundle * Clicking on the unlock bundle button will lead you to a screen that allows you to unlock the bundle by entering your email address (any address will do - we are *NOT* using these addresses, we just want to test this new feature) After you unlock the torrent, you should see the newly unlocked files highlighted in the Files tab in uTorrent. After a few days, we will look at our servers, and see how well the integration between uT and servers is working, and we'll update you in this thread. (Note: Monday is holiday here in the States) Thank you for using uTorrent.
  2. Release version 3.4 alpha (build 29765) -- Change: suppress ads by default -- Change: update icons -- Fix: UI layout issues
  3. New 3.3.1 beta: 29569 29579 Changes: - Fix: Don't store version in \updates if install canceled - Fix: Fix rollback for clients crashing 3+ times - Fix: Crash when adding torrents which include empty files - Fix: Force check of multiple torrents - Fix: Recheck failure with skipped files - Fix: Fix torrent association issue
  4. New 3.3.1 beta: 29569 29569 Changes: - Change default utorrent disk cache size to mitigate "Disk overload" condition
  5. This probably should be fixed in the latest 3.3.1, please try to upgrade :-)
  6. Hi, Can you please try with the lastest version? If it is still crashing, please attach the dump file, settings.dat, and the RSS link that you try to download. You can find your dump file and settings.dat file in: C:%AppData%\Roaming\uTorrent thanks.