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  1. After updating to 3.3 i get 100% disk overload and my speeds dropped to 3-5kB/s (i have a 25/5mbit connection) and it doesnt check files anymore (stuck at 0.0%). i have a huge amount of torrents (was at 2500ish, but now i reduced it to 1500ish), this was no problem with the former version of the client. sure it effected my speeds to a point where i was losing about 15% of up and down speeds, but since most torrents arent activly seeding at a given point the client isnt reading the disk only bouncing traffic of the torrent "server". anyways is there something in the new disk i/o stuff for the client that will totaly screw things up for ppl with loads of torrents in there client like me? i know it must be a client issue since speedtests and other programs i have have no problems with getting the speeds my connection allow. also when i boot up the client i get ok speeds in the start but more of the torrents that are loaded the lower the speed goes and at a point i get "disk overloaded 100%" and speeds almost grind to a halt, and even the set download location function that allows u to move downloaded files stops working... cleary there is some issues in this version with large amounts of torrents in the "library"... does it do readchecks to inactive torrents to or something?
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