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  1. Well your format is invalid. "download.php?id=13202&name=blablalbal.torrent" Try this. *sigh* I have nothing to do with what µTorrent spits back at me, I can only configure the RSS Feed format, which is correct, I KNOW theres supposed to be a ? there, which is why it isnt working, but there is nothing that can be done my side to fix that, now is there? Its just too buggy and needs alotttttttt of work or a proper guide with FAQ.
  2. Hmm, no worries, not gonna let this get in the way of my opinion of the client Thanks for your help, will just have to keep using an external proggy
  3. Animorc: http://www.site.org/rssdd.xml:COOKIE:uid=xyz;pass=xyz
  4. Yup, rss.xml and rssdd.xml, I re-did it following your steps, and whenever I try add a torrent now it says "Unable to add torrent: Connection closed by peer"
  5. Huh? You get programs that specifically do it you idiot. Google TVTAD, TorrentVCR, Azureus RSS Feed Scanner. Thank you, but i've already done that /edit: @Splintax: I copied it EXACTLY how i saw it in the window, just took out the torrent name. I *KNOW* its supposed to have a ?, why do you think I posted it? "Sounds like a bad RSS feed to me" - see my comment on it working in every other proggy I try. µTorrent now has most of their functionality built-in. - yes no shit, it just doesn't work (for me).
  6. That's a problem located at with the ppl hosting the feed.. The xml feed need to contain the direct path to the torrent to work. (I think). So go and complain @ your torrentsite's forum instead. o rly ? Funny how it works with every other RSS Autodownload proggy I try then?
  7. You should really add more support for your RSS. It needs ALOT of work... "Unable to load "download.phpid=13202&name=blablalbal.torrent"!" Nice one O_o But other then that good job.