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  1. Discovered a workaround for the disappeared "Append the torrent's label to the directory name" Enable your uTorrent's web interface, go to it using your browser, adjust the settings from there - the "append..." checkbox is still present in that interface, and it still works (just tested it). Enable web interface: Open the uTorrent program and in the menus, choose Options>PreferencesIn the dialog box, expand "Advanced" and click "Web UI"In the right side of the dialog box:check (turn on) the "Enable Web UI" checkboxPut in a username and password (even if just for a minute - you can turn all this off once we're done). Remember these authentication values.Check the Connectivity> "Alternative listening port..." box, and type in a port value.(I couldn't make the Web GUI work without choosing an alternative listening port). In my example, I'll use port 23456; you can use anything, but I recommend a number higher than 4096. In any case, remember this port value.Click "OK"Go to the Web UI using your browser: On the same computer that's running uTorrent, open your favorite (compatible) browser and enter the URL http://localhost:[port]/gui. the [port] value was determined above. In my example, the URL is http://localhost:23456/guiYou should be prompted to log in. Use the authentication values from above.Adjust the setting by using the Web UI: Once logged in with your browser, click the little "preferences" gear icon at the top of the web page.On the left side of the "Preferences" dialog box, click "Directories"On the right side of the same dialog box, check (turn on) the "Append the torrent's label" box.Click the dialog box's "Apply" button (or "OK" button, but you can save a step below by using "Apply")I suggest testing with a quick download now, but that it of course optional. WHat I mean by "testing" is you should go fetch a torrent, apply a label to it (one for which you haven't built a label/directory mapping rule) and see if it gets placed in the desired subfolder when it's finished. For impatience, I suggest using a small-sized torrent with lots of seeders. Sorry, I won't include troubleshooting steps here in case it fails; I'm already using more time typing this than I'd wanted to use Turn off the Web UI (also optional): (you can even do this from within the web page!) In the same browser window, same dialog box, on the left side, click "Web UI" and uncheck (turn off) the "Enable Web UI" checkbox. This will give you a "Web UI was disbaled" window.Close the browser window/tab