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  1. I have been running uTorrent as Admin for some time now, and I'm having ZERO problems. It helped, probably because it is doing fast allocation again. Wow, thanks for this idea!! Just to be sure, which setting under "Advanced" sets fast allocation on (if run as Admin), or is it integrated feature that is only enabled when running as Admin? I'm still using max write cache (1.75GB) and I'm not having any problems with it. I don't seem to have any reason to lower it. Sometimes my cache reaches 1GB (while downloading +30MB/s) so it would overload the disk cache (as mentioned before). It would be nice to know if there's anything you can do by changing the code of uTorrent to make all this work better, because what I've Googled and heard, nobody is having this problem with many other torrent clients on Windows. :EDIT: I have to mention, that running uTorrent as Admin needs my browser to run as Admin too, for the links to work properly. If I don't run my browser as Admin, clicking an torrent-link doesn't open uTorrent at all. And opening browser as Admin causes that my email-softwares links doesn't work and my mouse's special features doesn't work with that browser.. etc... I guess everything should be started as Admin then, so they would work perfectly together.
  2. What do you mean by the admin token? I'm using Windows as an admin and I could be starting uTorrent as admin, if it would help to solve this problem. I've turned UAC to never bother me. I'll try that pre-allocate setting next time I got time to test some more, thanks. This I already knew (the differences between different RAIDs), but the speed still shouldn't be so big problem causing Windows to ran out of memory or applications to crash if it can't write information fast enough. This problem has turned my attention towards different torrent-clients, but I'd love to solve this problem with uTorrent to continue using it. Are you "the makers" of uTorrent or should I post this as a bug in another section of this forum to get further attention and information solving this?
  3. I'm using Windows 8.1 as I told in the first post. Previously I used Windows 7, but when I upgraded my computer, I also installed clean Windows 8.1
  4. Yes, "Windows ran out of memory" error happens when I set larger cache sizes. Setting larger cache sizes gives me maximum download speeds (up to 23MB/s). If I don't set larger cache sizes I get "Disk Cache Overloaded..." error and extremely slow download speeds. I tried to check uTorrent installation folder for crashdump files, but found only empty .DMP files, which are named by the build version of different uTorrent -versions that I have tried. One .DMP has a size of 619KB from 23.3.2014 of build 30660. I also checked Windows Error Logs from Event Viewer and all I could find was one error producing the same information over and over again (somewhat the same time as uTorrent crashes / Windows ran out of memory errors): .NET Runtime version 4.0.30319.34011 - There was a failure initializing profiling API attach infrastructure. This process will not allow a profiler to attach. HRESULT: 0x80004005. Process ID (decimal): 8400. Message ID: [0x2509]. This error does not seem to reproduce unless I'm actively using my computer (or uTorrent crashing). I haven't put specific times in mind but I'll keep my eyes on these Event Logs for now. Does uTorrent and / or Windows use .NET Runtime to make crashdumps / error logs? So many questions, so little answers... :EDIT: ...and I lost 2 of 3 new torrents from uTorrent list after previous "Windows ran out of memory" error, as has happened from the start of these problems (see first post). :EDIT2: It reproduces mentioned .NET Runtime error in Windows Error Logs / Event Viewer under Application Logs every time uTorrent crashes with an error "Windows ran out of memory". This is now confirmed.
  5. Well, if I'm disabling "Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually" or changing it smaller (such as 128MB), I'm getting "Disk Cache overloaded xx %" all the time - as I told you before. This causes my download speed to crash down to some KB's / s for a while and then rush back up to top speeds until cache runs out again quickly. Any ideas what causes this? Why isn't my uTorrent just writing everything fast enough? Too slow disks? Too fast internet connection? Too many concurrent writes / reads to / from disk at the same time? Any performance testing software I should run and post the speed results here maybe? In some older uTorrent -version I remember seeing an option to reserve the full filesize from the disk in advance or just write it out as it gets downloaded, but I cannot see this option anywhere anymore. Maybe my disks can't keep up making full files at the start of the download and save downloaded information at high speed at the same time? (just tried downloading 4 files, total of 30GB at the same time, which is normal in my use) Does anyone have any clue what's causing this problem? I'd rather find out the reasons of this problem than just find a fix for it. As I told before; I'll gladly try different things, make tests, download software and give you test results if it helps to solve this problem. :EDIT: Typos :EDIT2: I updated to 3.4.1 Beta (30746) and I'm still having the same problem. As Write Cache got up near 1GB, uTorrent somehow got jammed for a moment (not even my web-browser responded) and continued after 10-20 seconds and Write Cache got smaller (got wrote to disk). I added 5 more files to download at the same time (approx. total of 5GB), Write Cache started to climb again and after under a minute I got the same "Windows ran out of memory. Unable to allocate xxxxx bytes" error and uTorrent crashes again. I found another topic of this problem: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/83699-windows-ran-out-of-memory-unable-to-allocate-10485760-bytes/ where nobody have answered anything. :EDIT3: Updated to 3.4.1 (build 30768) - still Disk Cache Overloaded if cache is as small as 128MB. I haven't downloaded new files yet, so I'll check back when I do and if it still crashes completely. :EDIT4: Problem still persists. Started downloading +80GB (from 3 different torrents) and got the same error message "Windows ran out of memory..." from the uTorrent (Not Responding) error message window.
  6. Do you mean diskio.cache_stripe in uTorrent Advanced Options? That's default 128, I haven't changed it. Or did you mean something else somewhere else? :EDIT: And I also want to make sure; what do you mean by windows system cache - under which options?
  7. Firon, this helped a bit, but not completely. uTorrent still crashes from time to time with an error "Windows ran out of memory ..." Any other suggestions? Could the problem be with my hard disks speeds or something? Any idea what causes these problems?
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. I did reset my uTorrent settings and disabled the disk cache override you mentioned. Now I'm getting "Disk Cache overloaded xx %" all the time (constantly) and my download speeds drop dramatically. Well this did solve my problem in a way - there's no need for fast writes / reads to/from the disks at all... not a real solution. Any better / further suggestions? :EDIT: Here's a screencap. of uTorrent "Speed" tab where you'll be able to see the difference of disabling disk cache override and drops.
  9. Hello! I've tried to find specific answer to my problem but cannot find one, so here I am, asking for your help oh mighty helpers When I'm starting a new download approx. +8GB with speed +15MB/s uTorrent gets jammed and crashes quickly, within a minute. I've noticed how read cache goes full (doesn't get bigger as it should) just the moment it crashes. During this time I cannot even use my web browser (Chrome), it just says something like "Waiting for cache..." at the bottom bar. After the crash computer continues working normally but uTorrent forced to quit itself. Opening it again shows it is missing the previous file I just started to download and re-downloading shows the file is still there and it starts checking the already downloaded parts. It seems to be working perfectly after continuing, no matter how fast it comes. Read cache also gets bigger automatically as it gets full. If the downloadable files are small, such as 1GB, there's no problems. This problem was also with my old hard drives and SSD and still with my brand new hard drives and also SSD. I upgraded motherboard, processor, memorys and disks and still uTorrent continues to crash the same way. I did clean install of Windows 8.1 and I had Windows 7 previously. My system is now on 2 x SSD RAID 0 and I'm using 2 x 3TB WD Red disks as an RAID 1 array for my downloads at the moment. Previously I didn't have RAID at all, just normal different aged and types of disks and SSD. My current disk cache -settings from uTorrent are as an attachment. I'm using currently uTorrent 3.3.2 (build 30544) [32-bit] and I haven't seen any fixes in any versions I've used for a some time. :EDIT: I just updated to 3.4 (build 30660) and the problem still stays the same. This time read cache wasn't even close to full. Got a new error - "Windows ran out of memory ..." just when uTorrent crashed. I have 16GB RAM where I got about 50% available / free right now. Any idea what I could do to fix this problem, to prevent it crashing every time with big and fast downloads? Any suggestions will be appreciated! I'll gladly answer any further questions. Thank you in advance!