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  1. Very cool, seems to work great! Thanks for adding the ability to remove columns.
  2. Very cool application - I run uTorrent as a service on a VM, and this is ideal for management. alamarco's suggestions are great, and I've got one simple suggestion to add - the ability to add/remove column headers as needed. It would just help clean up the interface a bit - I generally don't need to see the hash column and it'd be nice to simply get rid of it, along with a few others. Some more complex suggestions: It would be neat to have torrent creation integrated into your app. Being able to manage that on the client machine from within uRemote would be great. Obviously a decent amount of work but maybe something to put further down the roadmap. Not sure if it's possible given the limitations of communicating through the web client, but it would be nice to be able to change the the file locations of individual torrents. I have uTorrent setup so that new torrents end up in a general incoming files folder, but if I want to seed something that has been placed into a more permanent spot, I need to change the path of that torrent to point to the correct spot in long term storage. Hopefully those made sense. Thanks for the great application!