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  1. Mac 10.14.6, uTorrent 1.8.7 About 4 days ago I re-started uTorrent. Since then it will take hours before any of my shared torrents start being shared if at all. It will also now take 18-24 hours once I select a torrent to download for it to start downloading. I have all the MutzNutz Music Packs since 2017 and I use to have 150-175 at a time being collected by other users now none are being gotten by other users. A lot of the files will show 0 (18) seeds and 0 (0) Peers When in reality there are 27 seeds and 18 Peers and that does not seem to change at all. Could I have to many being shared since I have all that I have ever collected being re-shared about 5931? Any other ideas, I have made no changes to my setting at all. Do I maybe need to change my network settings, I made no changes at all before this started happening. If I should use specific settings what would you recommend or what else can I check to see what the problem is. I do not want to more to qBittorent since I really really like uTorrent but I may not have any other choice.