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  1. Hi! In advance, sorry for my sloppy English knowledge. So Im using Ubuntu 14.04 lts with utserver alpha 3.3 with its own webui. downloaded from the offical site. Client Information Product Version 3.3Source Revision 30470Build Date 2014-01-14 09:10:15 -0800UI Revision 30470Peer ID UT330BUser-agent uTorrent/330B(30470)(server) My problem is that i can't change the destination folder when i add a torrent manually. Ok i have a sub-path row, but that is not what i want. I'm using rss sources for series, for these torrents the default download folder is perfect, but when i want to download for example a movie, i need another folder (on another drive). I saw someshere a previous version ui where in the options (when add torrents dialog shows up) field there is a drop down menu where i can change the destination folder for the torrent. like this. What can i make to see that option? Thanks