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  1. That is pretty much all foreign to me... but I am guessing it still is not fixed... and whatever I did did not work. Any suggestions!?
  2. I found a solution and was able to update my drive by the use of a program called: mobility modder... but I wanted to make sure that my driver was still not faulty and was going to post my dump files on mediafire again so that you could take a look at them one more time. Thanks for your help btw. Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0bfea85a7ed59ca0d2db6fb9a8902bda
  3. yeah i tried 9600 and they made me use a validation tool and then when I tried to run it, it told me that it wouldn't work. I am trying to post on ATI's forum to see if someone knows what the latest driver is for my card so we will see... but you are sure that the crashes are from my driver
  4. well what is strange is that i am using that website to try and find my driver and I have a ATI Mobility Radeon 9200... but I don't see it as a choice. Still trying to figure it out But found this website which has an update for the driver... wondering if it is legit... any thoughts? http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/ATI/ATI-Mobility-Radeon-9000-9200-9600-9700-41.shtml or http://www.driverskit.com/freedownload/Video_Card/Ati/Radeon_9200_9100_6_14_10_6414/10463.html or http://www.new-drivers.com/files/display/ATI/Radeon%20Mobility/?gclid=CM2jsaj095YCFRQhnAodzDfrYA
  5. I previously earlier that day deleted all of my .dmp files. Yes, the driver IRQL is the only crash I will get each and every time... it would display the blue screen of death and then say "driver irql not less or equal". I have an HP like I said so I ran my HP total care and did a driver check and it never showed that I had my ATI driver out of date. I also downloaded a program called "driver detective" and it listed my ATI driver as up to date.
  6. I am on XP with service pack 3. I uploaded the file and here is the uploaded sharing link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ch4mecl0xc4
  7. I am sorry but I am not that knowledgeable regarding minidumps and am not too sure about if they would be "ndis.sys" related crashes... could you explain what that would be I will work on doing that but what exactly is mediafire?
  8. I have been having the same issues that a lot of individuals have been having with their computers where they are one moment using their computer and utorrent is running and then the next thing they know the blue screen of death pops up and displays the error message "driver irql not less or equal" and then after it restarts it says "windows has recovered from a serious error". I get the usual sysdata.xml and minidump error detail. I am using the ATI Radeon 9200 and the drivers are up to date. What is weird is that whenever I am using utorrent it will crash and give the blue screen of death. This usually only happens however when I secure my wireless connection with WPA and it will crash after several hours of using utorrent. When I secure my internet using WEP it happens like once in a blue moon. Not sure why that would matter if it was WPA or WEP. I have used several forums to try and help my case but it still has not covered the exact problem I am having. http://thevistaforums.com/lofiversion/index.php/t34128.html http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=289498#p289498 I will also point out that I am not using a USB internet connection, I have an ethernet cord for my wired connection. Any help would be great and I have been working on updating all of my other drivers right now hoping that would help, but I was not sure if there is anything else I could do.