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  1. I agree Phazor, but if the developer(s) want a new logo, they're gonna get one...anyway I am cookin up some good ideas in Photoshop, can't wait till i can finish and post em here
  2. ok i see...so what I really mean is, what kind of character are we looking for? something cartoony? or just anything that looks good?
  3. I actually knew all that. I made the icon for myself because utorrent doesnt ship w/ a 48x48. I have heard the icon rules repeated numerous times across these forums...how are you supposed to distinguish that it is utorrent if it doesnt have the u? And what kind of character are we talking about?
  4. Well i had waited long enough and decided to make my own icon...
  5. The standard green circle like this site's favicon, the same icon that utorrent comes with when you install please
  6. I want to make a 48x48 utorrent icon, where can i get a decent-sized image of the standard green 'u' icon?
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