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  1. sorry but I dont understand this calculation 17600 is kbps
  2. this is my speedtest how should i round? should i put 16 or 15914? tnx
  3. thanks a lor I have a speed upload kbps 17721 After I have replaced the settings.dat file with your file ("My v3.x quick-fix>" Best Practice "settings.dat file) Do I have to set as "Maximum upload rate (kBs)" 90% of my upload speed? so kbps 17721 * 90% = 15 kB/s, is it corect? After replacing the file, ads returned that I had blocked manually so I had to block the ads by entering it as false gui.show_plu_upsell again
  4. Tnx a lot what is it for?
  5. Where is it your settings file and how do you import it?
  6. Hi I have this error Who helps me, please? Indicates that it has not reached the server to calculate my bandwidth and therefore does not affect uTorrent's performance?