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  1. I always use the latest version of utorrent. I get a notice whenever a new version comes out and I install it. now to figure out how to change the re line of my post.
  2. To be honest I don’t think I need to copy old torrents from an old computer to a new one. I mostly watch things once! I watch bike stage races like the Tour de France and once it’s over and I know who won I tend not to watch them again. The same with UK shows. So from what you say I shouldn’t have to change anything. Likely things have changed and are more user friendly than when I started using utorrent many years ago.
  3. Thank you whoever explained this. I’m not sure who it was!
  4. I can’t help because mine have never done that. I did get some help from someone once and he said that so long as they say seeding that’s fine. I downloading bike races like the Tour de France and I have a big seeding bonus so it must be working. It’s just that the darn computer is so slow to do anything and I have an issue with my monitor whic is also ancient. Evrry so often the screen size changes so it’s like the desktop is too big. The only solution is to turn it off by pressing the power button because the start button is not visible!! As it’s an intermittent problem, nobody can find the issue. I’d like to get a new monitor and computer but if it messes up my seeding then I will just put up with the old setup. I have had windows 10 installed on it so the operating system is new!
  5. Yes it would be nice to know. I’m sure that there are experts who know the answer. Here’s hoping they come on here!
  6. My computer is so ancient and slow that I should buy a new one. I really only use it for downloading torrents. If I buy a brand new computer, am I going to have to go through all those pages and pages of utorrent settings in order for my torrents to seed? I did it years ago and I am now a lot older and I honestly don't know if I can do it again.