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  1. Yes, well I realize that, however it seems most odd that the very same torrent always downloads at good speed... until I have 97% of it, and it stops, never to start again. This happens every time I try to get it, and it just seems too deliberate and spiteful. My question was is there a way for someone to consistently do this, or could it just be a bug. This particular torrent is not the only one I have seen that with, and others get within seconds of finishing download, and stop dead, leaving the file unusable. As we all know, spite and meanness is not new to the internet, and this seems deliberate to me.
  2. I've had this happened to me several times, I spend hours downloading a torrent, and it seems to be coming down well, until it gets to 97%, and then it just stops never to start again, and of course what I have of it is not usable and my time has been wasted. Seems like it's deliberate on someone's part, and just for spite. Is there a way someone can do that just to be nasty? Sure does seem like it.
  3. I am having that same problem, and posted about it here, no answers yet.
  4. I've recently run into a problem with some torrent sites, I pick the torrent I want, I get the torrent window, I click on OKAY, and the torrent never arrives at the uTorrent screen to be added and downloaded. This happens now with Lime Torrents, YourBittorent, and a couple others. Anyone know why that might be? This just started happening a couple days ago, and I was good on those sites before then. I have an account on YourBittorrent, and still cannot download anything from it. This while I'm downloading torrents at the time.
  5. Now I cannot download torrents at all. I've been to three sites in the last few minutes, selected a torrent, most of the time it never shows up in uTorrent Web, but even when it does it never loads to download. What might be the reason for that? Nevermind, I figured it out. The disk in the array I had selected for torrents in uTorrent Web had gone down. It seems to be back up now, but I think I might be losing that disk.
  6. Well twice in the last week I lost internet connectivity on the computer I use most, and this happened upon accessing a certain torrent site, RARBG, both times. As soon as I clicked on the link my computer was cut off from the internet, yet curiously the computer in the other room was not. I was using ExpressVPN both times, with different server locations both times, and yet it seems somehow someone somewhere didn't like me going to that site, and cut me off. Could it be the site that doesn't like me and did this? How could it have been done? What both incidents have in common is that site, RARBG. I had to work at getting back online, ran Malwarebytes, no threats found, ran Onyx, permissions and cleaning, rebooted the router, and got back online after a cold reboot. Very puzzled as to why this happened and how. I've been using that site a lot lately. Any ideas?