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    Thank you for the reply, shame to hear this but after some huge amount of effort i was able to get back to my old settings (manually trying to get them) which took some time as i have multiple settings in place. Anyways that's water under the bridge i guess, can i confirm how to backup my settings themselves (the configuration i have in place), whilst i am not used to having a computer crash on me, i would like to make up a backup file just in case to save me some time. (I think the reason uTorrent recent was due to it seems it was transferring files (my completed files move to a separate HDD) when the HDD crashed, which makes some sense, the drive is pretty old and i have since ordered a replacement, seems because uTorrent moves the files it maybe got caught up or something?).
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    Hi My computer crashed last night and weirdly my utorrent settings have now all reset to default, is there a way to restore these? I had a very specific setup for seeding rates and download locations which are now all messed up - i don't know why they reset as-is but hoping there is a way to restore my old settings. thanks for any tips.