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  1. uTorrent server on linux lets you change port through console. I don't think windows build has CLI that allows changing config. Alternatively you can look at other torrent clients that support this. Eg: Deluge
  2. Is there a setting that allows uT client to connect itself? By default, if my client connects to itself, connection is closed with message "Disconnect: Same ID" Reason: I'm behind a CGNat, so I have setup a SSH connection with remote port forwarding to my uT client to allow incoming connections. The only way I can introduce this IP to swarm is through PEX. If I can connect to myself using the remote port forwarded IP, and if the connection is not dropped by client, I can introduce this IP to currently connected peers through PEX. Currently I'm doing this by running the same torrent in another client and adding the peer to connect to my uT client. It would help if there was a setting that prevents the client from dropping self connects. Any thought on other means other than PEX to introduce my IP to swarm would be appreciated.