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  1. Server is on maintenance. Wait for some hours, BTT lost in transaction will be back in your in-app wallet.
  2. Hi techster, I wanna ask you for some help. I've sent an email to ask for help at this address: I couldn't receive any reply from them. After the reinstallation of Windows on my computer, the BTT Speed seemed working very well. But my transaction got stuck again with pending status today. I'm so afraid of losing connection into BTT Speed page and reinstalling the Windows again. Is there any other way to recover the disconnection of BTT Speed page when I get the message " connection refused" ? In addition, can I get back the 1500 BTT I lost last time? (I couldn't take the screenshot because I couldn't get inside the Speed Dashboard) + Today(04/30) it says the transaction is complete and my BTT on-chain has not changed