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  1. There's a lot of factors that go into your BTT earnings. I hate to be a broken record and I really don't want to come off as spammy, but there's an extensive post we wrote on Reddit. Every new seeder should at least skim through it first, as there's no official guidance given by the team.
  2. I'm in a similar boat, although I didn't lose as much as you did, I did lose almost 3K BTT by playing the "oh shit withdraw while theres BTT in the wallet" game. I'm not going to complain, but I did record all evidence of every step of the way. Yes, we were both foolish for trying to play a dangerous game of withdrawing when the exchange isn't fully up. But if the protocol can't properly process withdrawals still, even when there were plenty of BTT in the exchange wallet, then I guess we can all agree that they are indeed not ready and have lots of fixing to do. But hey, at least I'm seeing new errors that I've never seen before.... such as: `calling interface [TransferAsset2] error, reasons: [rpc error: code = PermissionDenied desc = Forbidden: HTTP status code 403; transport: received the unexpected content-type \"application/octet-stream\"]` or.... `channel id has already been used` ... Here's a brand new one: `[{'amount': 2750000000, 'created': 1622852163, 'id': 1622578556997, 'message': 'SUCCESS', 'status': 'Pending', 'type': 'Withdrawal'},` the "pending" part? yeah... never went "unpending." Straight disappeared into thin air -- first time a BTT withdrawal attempt didn't return to my in-app wallet. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: not your keys, not your coins
  3. Not a tool, rather the code that you guys pushed out to us on May 12th in the webui.zip file. All the endpoints are there in plain sight in the bundled vuejs file. I'll be sending an email to Pavel soon regarding some security concerns about this, among other things.
  4. Hey guys, I just released the first API wrapper to interact with BTT Speed with Python. Please feel free to contribute. Let's continue the open source spirit of the founding fathers of uTorrent by building on top of the existing shitty platform. The `refreshBalance` and `getWalletTransactions` should be extra helpful for those having issues with balances and stuck BTT. GitHub: https://github.com/BTTBoost/BTTSpeed-API
  5. I've posted somewhat hastily in this thread detailing all my findings. I'll repost here for those that are not on reddit. On May 12th, the BTT Speed wallet exchange went down. The announcement was that it was going to be a 2 hour maintenance, but it actually ended up being... more than 2 weeks now. The exchange is still down. On May 12th, the day of the announced maintenance downtime, a new webui helper used to facilitate the uTorrent and BT Client's Web API with the BTT exchange protocol was pushed out to all uTorrent 3.5.5 and BT 7.10.5 clients, regardless of whether you used BTT Speed or not. All the evidence and code can still be found and examined yourself in the webUI helper update that was pushed out (located in /AppData/Roaming/uTorrent/ folder) Full JS File on GitHub New API Points found: email: { get: {}, post: {} }, "binance/binance_info": { get: {}, post: { body: String } }, "binance/quote_info": { get: {}, post: { params: { crypto_currency: String, base_currency: String, fiat_currency: String, requested_amount: String, pay_type: String, quote_id: String } } }, "binance/create_transaction": { post: { params: { order_id: String, quote_id: String } } }, "binance/recent_transactions": { get: {} } Some VueJS functions: fetchEmailInfo: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, emailInfo: { type: Object, default: function () { return { email: String, isVerified: Boolean } } }, createAndApproveQuote: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, checkBinanceUserStatus: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, preCheckRedirectUrl: { type: String, default: "" }, bindRedirectUrl: { type: String, default: "" }, fetchBinanceTransactions: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, binanceTransactions: { type: Object, default: function () { return { total: 0, rows: [] } } }, Some more VueJS functions and front-end helpers: columns: function () { return [{ label: this.$t("Date & Time"), field: "created_time", width: "160px" }, { label: "Pay", field: "requested_amount", type: "number", thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }, { label: "Receive", field: "obtain_amount", type: "number", formatFn: this.formatAmount, thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }, { label: "Status", field: "status", width: "100px", thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }] }, filterCheckedArr: function () { return this.filterArr.filter((function (e) { return e.isChecked })).map((function (e) { return e.name })) } ............................ created: function () { this.checkPreCheckRedirectUrl(), this.handleGAEvent("PaymentPageScreen") }, mounted: function () { this.waitUntillIframeLoaded() }, methods: { checkPreCheckRedirectUrl: function () { this.preCheckRedirectUrl.length }, waitUntillIframeLoaded: function () { var e = this; document.getElementById("binance-iframe").addEventListener("load", (function () { e.handleLoading(!1) })) } } ........................ [e._v("\n You will be redirected to Binance to complete the verification process after " + e._s(e.redirectTimeout) + " sec\n ")])]) : e._e(), e._v(" "), e._e(), e._v(" "), e.showTransferSuccessModal ? n("wallet-buy-success-modal", { attrs: { handleModalCancelClick: e.closeTransferSuccessModal } }) : e._e(), e._v(" "), 1 === e.step ? [n("div", { staticClass: "wallet-buy-step-1" }, [n("bt-card", { staticClass: "exchange-sell-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "card-item-grid" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "sub-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "title" }, [e._v("PAY")]), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "balance center" }, [n("bt-select", { attrs: { options: { first: { nativeName: "USD", value: "USD" } } } }, [n("div", { staticClass: "option-selected", attrs: { slot: "option-selected" }, slot: "option-selected" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "text" }, [e._v("\n USD\n ")])])]), e._v(" "), n("bt-input-box", { staticClass: "amount", attrs: { inputType: "crypto", "data-testid": "sell", placeholder: "0.00", message: e.baseCurrencyMessage, showMessage: e.isInvalidBaseCurrency, isInvalid: e.isInvalidBaseCurrency }, on: { input: e.updateCryptoCurrencyStr }, model: { value: e.baseCurrencyStr, callback: function (t) { e.baseCurrencyStr = t }, expression: "baseCurrencyStr" } })], 1)])])]), e._v(" "), n("svg-icon", { staticClass: "arrow-forward-icon", attrs: { icon: "arrow-forward" } }), e._v(" "), n("bt-card", { staticClass: "exchange-buy-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "card-item-grid" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "sub-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "title" }, [e._v("Estimated Receive")]), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "balance center" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box-top" }, [n("svg-icon", { staticClass: "speed-icon", attrs: { icon: "speed" } }), e._v(" "), n("span", [e._v("BTT in-app")])], 1), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box-bottom" }, [n("span", [e._v(e._s(e.currentBalance))])])]), e._v(" "), n("bt-input-box", { staticClass: "amount", attrs: { inputType: "crypto", "data-testid": "buy", placeholder: "0.00" }, on: { input: e.updateBaseCurrencyStr }, model: { value: e.cryptoCurrencyStr, callback: function (t) { e.cryptoCurrencyStr = t }, expression: "cryptoCurrencyStr" } .................. a = [function () { var e = this, t = e.$createElement, n = e._self._c || t; return n("div", { staticClass: "top" }, [n("span", { staticClass: "top-title" }, [e._v("Email Verification")]), e._v(" "), n("span", { staticClass: "content-text" }, [n("p", [e._v("\n To continue, please provide a valid email address. If you already have a Binance account, please use\n the same one.\n ")]), e._v(" "), n("p", [e._v("\n This service is provided in collaboration with\n "), n("a", { attrs: { href: "https://www.binance.com/", target: "_blank" } }, [e._v("Binance")]), e._v(" in accordance with our\n "), n("a", { attrs: { href: "https://www.bittorrent.com/legal/privacy-policy/", target: "_blank" } }, [e._v("Privacy Policy")]), e._v(".\n ")])])]) }] API requests/responses in the wild with plenty of evidence for a planned Binance integration: The entire thread and findings can be found in the original Reddit page. Two days ago, I believe they did a massive test of some sort. Judging by how the exchange is still down, either: 1) The protocol/integration is unsatisfactory and more development time is needed. 2) They are waiting for "the perfect announcement time" for the news for maximum pumpage. (Don't forget, this is a Tron project ) Either way, IF THERE IS NO BTT BALANCE IN THIS WALLET: [ TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a ] DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO WITHDRAW. You're wasting your time. Look, I'm just as frustrated as you are, but there's no point in posting more threads asking where your BTT went, or why the exchange is still down. We already have two pages filled with that. The BTT Team has made it crystal clear that they do not want to share details with us. Again, that points to either 1) a huge security/exploit found in the protocol that they are trying to keep under wraps; or 2) binance moon announcement. #1 I tolerate to a certain degree, but #2... eh, not so much. Again, if you're looking for a community that actually is active, knowledgeable, and passionate about BTT Speed, /r/BTT_Speed is the community to be in. All seeders, some experts and some newbies, but no shill all serious discussions.
  6. 'webui.allow_pairing' is of course set to true, but everytime I load up a script it forces me to approve it on the uTorrent client itself, which can be a bit bothersome especially when developing. Is this feature by design for security? Or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey now, cut some slack for the lone developer in his basement ripping his hair out trying to fix this while Justin Sun is probably out on a yacht partying somewhere with his millions. Have some respect!
  8. What a fucking mess. Seeing the homepage of this section of the forum is sad.
  9. I've always been on the side of, wait and the coins will return, cause it always had for me... sometimes took 5 minutes, sometimes a day. Now it's nearing the 3 day mark and I still haven't gotten the coins returned. At this point I consider it lost, I'm just lucky it was only 1K sent as a test. Not gonna touch shit until I start seeing some positive posts up in here. Good luck y'all, its the wild wild west here.
  10. The more seeders that give up, the less competition we have But forreal though, the lack of response is concerning.
  11. Btw, this post is in no way or form to be offensive. I want the BTT Speed ecosystem to grow. It seems as if you are trying to manage the PR aspect of BTT Speed alone, and that can be a daunting task. I hope you take this friendly observation/suggestion and really consider it. Not only for your mental happiness haha, but to calm the anxiousness of the BTT seeders that only want BTT to succeed. That begins with transparency The Reddit community at /r/BTT_Speed is cheering you on!
  12. Thanks for the update @techster! Appreciate it, and I'm sure most of us with some level of comprehension of how tricky and difficult it is to pioneer a new protocol appreciates it too... to some degree. I'm sure you guys are hard at work and it must be stressful to be bombarded with all the posts and complaints. I've dealt with many tech (both crypto and non-crypto) communities in the past (ranging from small 3K member dev communities to full fledged 150K member forums filled with boneheads to legit geniuses), and I want to help you by offering a universal truth: the more informative and specific the updates are, the less questions asked and less people bothering you. Not to mention the immense confidence that will be instilled within the community. Example update (this is completely pulled out of my ass, just used as a reference): Hey guys, we apologize for the prolonged downtime. The exchange hasn't been fully enabled yet, but we did do some testing over the weekend. We made some changes to: 1) Point / feature / explanation 2) Point / feature / explanation 3) Point / feature / explanation We are now analyzing the data, which could take 12 to 24 hours due to the nature of the protocol and its occasional delay in actual payments which are caused by X, Y, Z. We are looking to fix that in the future as well, but for now we are focused on analyzing the preliminary data before re-launching the exchange, which takes lots of movements of BTT and can get bit hectic. So before we re-launch, we want to be sure of our data analysis so we don't have to go offline again, which will cause even more delays. I will post an update as soon as we are confident with the data analysis, and we will then begin relaunching the exchange service! If it ends up taking longer than 24 hours, then please understand that we are doing this to make the entire BTT Speed ecosystem a much better experience for you and hopefully it won't take longer than another 48-72 hours to re-calibrate X, Y, Z. Team at BTT sincerely hopes that you understand, and let's create a much stronger system! Trust me, it'll help you a LOT with frustrated users and it will instill a LOT more faith in BTT. Vague answers, especially in crypto, are not the way to go. Sincerely, A nobody that's been a marketing and community consultant for projects like Matic, Chromia, Horizen, MetaHash, Harmony, and several top 50 coins that I can't say due to NDA On a more serious note, if you do need help with these kinds of things, I'm just a PM away.
  13. Shameless plug: if you're looking for a newly created community for BTT speed / BTFS, feel free to join our subreddit.