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  1. Not sure about the web client, but for uTorrent and BitTorrent, you can still access the wallet by going into your local host. For example, I always connect to -- if you were able to connect before, look in your browser history to look for the default btt.network page you previously connected to and find the correct port number (and replace the 54307).
  2. Btw, this post is in no way or form to be offensive. I want the BTT Speed ecosystem to grow. It seems as if you are trying to manage the PR aspect of BTT Speed alone, and that can be a daunting task. I hope you take this friendly observation/suggestion and really consider it. Not only for your mental happiness haha, but to calm the anxiousness of the BTT seeders that only want BTT to succeed. That begins with transparency The Reddit community at /r/BTT_Speed is cheering you on!
  3. Thanks for the update @techster! Appreciate it, and I'm sure most of us with some level of comprehension of how tricky and difficult it is to pioneer a new protocol appreciates it too... to some degree. I'm sure you guys are hard at work and it must be stressful to be bombarded with all the posts and complaints. I've dealt with many tech (both crypto and non-crypto) communities in the past (ranging from small 3K member dev communities to full fledged 150K member forums filled with boneheads to legit geniuses), and I want to help you by offering a universal truth: the more informative and specific the updates are, the less questions asked and less people bothering you. Not to mention the immense confidence that will be instilled within the community. Example update (this is completely pulled out of my ass, just used as a reference): Hey guys, we apologize for the prolonged downtime. The exchange hasn't been fully enabled yet, but we did do some testing over the weekend. We made some changes to: 1) Point / feature / explanation 2) Point / feature / explanation 3) Point / feature / explanation We are now analyzing the data, which could take 12 to 24 hours due to the nature of the protocol and its occasional delay in actual payments which are caused by X, Y, Z. We are looking to fix that in the future as well, but for now we are focused on analyzing the preliminary data before re-launching the exchange, which takes lots of movements of BTT and can get bit hectic. So before we re-launch, we want to be sure of our data analysis so we don't have to go offline again, which will cause even more delays. I will post an update as soon as we are confident with the data analysis, and we will then begin relaunching the exchange service! If it ends up taking longer than 24 hours, then please understand that we are doing this to make the entire BTT Speed ecosystem a much better experience for you and hopefully it won't take longer than another 48-72 hours to re-calibrate X, Y, Z. Team at BTT sincerely hopes that you understand, and let's create a much stronger system! Trust me, it'll help you a LOT with frustrated users and it will instill a LOT more faith in BTT. Vague answers, especially in crypto, are not the way to go. Sincerely, A nobody that's been a marketing and community consultant for projects like Matic, Chromia, Horizen, MetaHash, Harmony, and several top 50 coins that I can't say due to NDA On a more serious note, if you do need help with these kinds of things, I'm just a PM away.
  4. Shameless plug: if you're looking for a newly created community for BTT speed / BTFS, feel free to join our subreddit.
  5. "It's going to take a longer" isn't really an update, more of an easy way to get out of giving a real update. But I get where you're coming from. Hopefully whatever they're doing will improve the BTT ecosystem. Godspeed, mysterious devs.
  6. 2 hour maintenance is now what.... nearing 24 hours soon? Any update would be nice
  7. Hi y'all, I've been using uTorrent for over a decade now, literally. I've been mostly a leecher, but with BTT I'm now mostly a seeder. I'm still unsure of all the technical things that go on in the background, but I was wondering if: 1) Your thoughts if its eithical/fair to ban a group of peers, targeted by which client they use (automatically, not manually) 2) Is it possible to "fingerprint" peers that are active users of the BTT speed token? I was very delighted to hear that uTorrent was one of the first to receive BTT token support :) Keep up the good work y'all~