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  1. Hi, has anyone actually have a solution to this problem? Customer service did respond twice, first time did not address the issue at all and the 2nd time somewhat addressed it but the solution of closing the client and deleting the helper file did not correct the issue. I have 2 PCs, one I can access my BitTorrent Speed dashboard/wallet with ease but my main PC that had a lot of earned BTT I lost access with this exact 'port error' issue once I sent to BTT - on chain. I have my private key and seed words but I cannot access my wallet page. It is extremely frustrating there is no direct login access like all other wallets. I also tried linking with my private key as suggest through Tronlink, I get access but it is for TRX which does not make sense. There has to be a way to access my wallet...... HELP? If an actual BTT tech is monitoring this forum, can you please email me directly to resolve this issue.
  2. Any luck with this? I have the same issue where the client won't open due to a port error. I have no update available for utorrent. I was able to open and check my wallet balance and transfer to BTT on Chain, closed the page and when I tried to go back and check something I got the port error. I've followed all noted advice I could find online, restarted everything as well but continue to get the error and I'm again to lose all of the BTT in my wallet. Also are we able to access our BitTorrent wallet outside of just going through utorrent? Thanks for the help in advance