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  1. I would assume that the problem is related to the maintenance that is currently running.
  2. Hello everyone, I will try to briefly explain what my problem is. When I try to make a transfer from BTT in-app, the BTT on-chain tokens just disappear from BTT in-app but do not appear in BTT on-chain and the balance in my wallet remains unchanged. So far i am missing 2900 BTT. In history, transactions have completed status. My Public Address: TRrpDfuf4YhcG4TVTvKa84ez8jzUQKi2tj
  3. Hello everyone, First i want to apologize for my english which is not very good. I will try to explain my problem briefly. I make a transfer from BTT in-app to BTT on-chain my token disappears. So far i am missing 2900 BTT. In history all have status completed but in my BTT on-chain balance there are missing. My Public Address: TRrpDfuf4YhcG4TVTvKa84ez8jzUQKi2tj