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    BEncode Editor

    Thank you moogly. So, there is no way to change status of torrent task in utorrent? I know that I can check it somewhere else instead of torrent task in utorrent. Well, but check the torrent task seems easy for me. Anyway, if utorrent do not allow / impossible to change the task status then I will remove them from the task list T_T
  2. Smth_X

    BEncode Editor

    Hi moogly I want to keep these torrent task as future reference i.e. I downloaded this file once before.. somehow it prevent me download duplicate torrent. I want to "mark as complete" are there any way I can mark these torrent as complete? I do not have plan to seed these torrent. maybe those torrent already dead / removed from tracker but as I said in some case I can use it as reference in future.
  3. Smth_X

    BEncode Editor

    Thanks for your reply, DreadWingKnight I stop the torrents but I cannot force re-check because the torrent is very old. I want to keep history. File are moved / burned / backed up. I cannot force recheck file. Are there any other possible option I can do to make the file look green --> complete.?
  4. Smth_X

    BEncode Editor

    excuse me are there any help or manual to use BEncode Editor to fix status of torrent ? I want to change some Error: status torrent back to Completed status since I had finish download that torrent for a long time ago. I click start that torrent by accident and those file are not locate in my harddisk any more.