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  1. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Awesome, thanks very much for detailing your setup! Agree on nginx being a bit overkill for this little niche setup, so am gonna give a go. Also, Very much agree on this!
  2. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Excellent! Mind sharing your recommendations for software?
  3. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Nope. Someone, somewhere blamed a security "fix" in the most recent uTorrent update ( This bug also affects connectors like the Firefox extension "uTorrent Connector". In preferences for that extension I used to have "host: computername.local" but that stopped working. Using "host:" works, which is the same for WebUI connectivity.
  4. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Perhaps, but I've tested with which gives the exact same issues.
  5. WEB UI not working properly

    Having exactly same issue here! Perhaps it's this update: " – Sanity check Host header on HTTP requests" from: See also:
  6. WebUI Not Reachable Using Computer Name

    I'm having exactly the same problem on 3.5.3 build43916 On computer running uTorrent I can connect to webUI via "", "localhost:8080", and "", but NOT "http://computername.local:8080", On diff. conputer, same LAN i can ONLY connect via ""
  7. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Just upgraded to 3.5.3 build v44996 and experiencing the following: Before upgrading, i could reach uTorrent WebUI: - on LAN via http://computername.local:8080/gui - on LAN via - from outside via (ports forwarded) After upgrading: - LAN via http://computername.local:8080/gui NOW shows an empty page (nothing in Source View) - on LAN via STILL WORKS - from outside via (ports forwarded) NOW shows an empty page What the hell kind of network confusion is going on here?