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  1. Right It worked alot better updating like that, thanks. Update: 5 Mins later this version crashed.
  2. Next time i upgrade can i simply just download the exe file and replace it? Since every time i update now i loose everything it seems *Good i have a backup* (It wants to install on C drive everytime, but i have it portable on another drive) Or can i update in another simpler/manual way?
  3. My utorrent craches all the time now instead Ver. ""
  4. Ok, i just updated it, but then i lost ALL torrents in the program, what do i do now? Before i had uTorrent installed on another drive. Now when it updated uTorrent it installed itself on C:\ drive and i was not even asked where to install/update to. So now when i open utorrent it just wont work anymore, even tried to open with my old exe file in my old folder then i get an install screen, all old files is still there (have an older copy also), can i do something to fix it? It worked good when i updated 3.3 to old 3.3.1, but this new 3.3.1 update screwed everything up. UPDATE: Ok i fixed it by removing all files in root (old folder) and placed all root files from the old copy back into same folder, then i started it, some torrents showed error (Those i delited before this updatecrash) and then some torrents did not show (those i added after my backup) so i dragged all my torrent folder back to the program, it asked me "do you really want to add 530 torrents" i said yes and now its there again. There are some small errors remaining tho, but nothing i cant live with atm. Such as labeling etc. and i think i got one or two i already downloaded. But im still now on the old 3.3.1 uTorrent. and im not to happy to update again until i get a response how to do it with no fuss..
  5. Same here still =/ + Also all progress bars is also still blue in this update..
  6. With the 3.3 update i had problems with torrent not starting "DHT Inactive" after restart some torrent started, so i had to restart after one or two torrent was complete so the DHT would be active again on some torrents. So i updated to 3.3.1 Beta, and not it works better (more active then unactive torrents after a restart now, so its not 100% ok, but 70% better) but as some here said the progress bar is blue whatever the torrent state is in. But its better with all status bars being blue then no torrents downloading due to inactive DHT. So i take that blue error instead and get a few torrents downloading instead=P