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  1. Shrill's design is incredible. A well thought-of concept aswell. Good work :]

    EDIT: Lets say your design gets selected. Do the uTorrent devs have permission to use it as the logo ? Also, Could you post a slightly more colorfull version ? Its pretty good right now, but its only a single shade of green.

    he said why it's monochrome.. for printing purposes.

  2. Simply because µTorrent is more known as "you"torrent than "micro"torrent.

    that could easily be rectifiied: put something on the homepage such as a definition of µ, or a pronunciation (pronounced "micro torrent")

    That's what happens when you put "µ" inside a circle and resize it small. People go, oh. that's a U. with tails. The domain name doesn't help much either. So we're trying to convey the smallness of the program through something else. Visual elements/objects, imagery.

    honestly, seeing an amoeba or anything else is not going to make me think µTorrent.

    There's a reason Azureus's logo is a frog: because an azureus is a frog.

    There's a a reason that Firefox's logo is a red (fire) fox (fox) with a globe (globe=internet, browser, URL, etc).

    there's a reason ludde/vurlix called it µTorrent and not coolTorrent, poopTorrent, tinyTorrent - because µ means small.

    I agree that it needs something else in addition to the µ, but the µ definitely needs to be in there.

    another thing.. those using µTorrent (and BitTorrent in general) are going to be pretty smart people. I highly doubt they're going to say "oh that's a U with a tail! how cute!" and even if they do, if there's something on the home page that tells them what it is, then they'll know better.

    problem solved.

  3. Webbrowsing: Firefox

    Email: Gmail and Thunderbird

    Movie player: Media Player Classic

    IM: Trillian and Google Talk

    IRC: no

    voip in general: no

    Music Player: Winamp and musikCube

    Audio Editing: Audacity

    Unzipping: WinRAR/XP's winzip/7Zip

    Picture browsing: none

    Picture editing: Fireworks 8

    CD burning: Nero

    image mounting: Daemon tools

    Antivirus: none

    Firewall: xp's + router

    Bandwidth Monitor: none

    Temp monitor: none

    FTP: Filezilla

    Text: Notepad

    CD Ripping: Exact Audio Copy

    mp3 Tag Editor: Tag&Rename