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  1. personally I think Shrill should be doing any changes since it's his design.
  2. he said why it's monochrome.. for printing purposes.
  3. uhh... nevermind. as for the logo, too similar to the shuffle i think..
  4. the winner gets a pat on the back and a big THANK YOU.. isn't that enough?
  5. this is why I said that educating people on the home page of with what that µ means would be beneficial. knowledge is power! but if you do go with an ant, put it in a superhero outfit with the word "Micro" on his chest.
  6. that could easily be rectifiied: put something on the homepage such as a definition of µ, or a pronunciation (pronounced "micro torrent") honestly, seeing an amoeba or anything else is not going to make me think µTorrent. There's a reason Azureus's logo is a frog: because an azureus is a frog. There's a a reason that Firefox's logo is a red (fire) fox (fox) with a globe (globe=internet, browser, URL, etc). there's a reason ludde/vurlix called it µTorrent and not coolTorrent, poopTorrent, tinyTorrent - because µ means small. I agree that it needs something else in addition to the µ, but the µ definitely needs to be in there. another thing.. those using µTorrent (and BitTorrent in general) are going to be pretty smart people. I highly doubt they're going to say "oh that's a U with a tail! how cute!" and even if they do, if there's something on the home page that tells them what it is, then they'll know better. problem solved.
  7. yeah but doesn't the µ in µTorrent mean micro? we're talking about the size of the program itself - very small. micro. µ = micro, so why wouldn't it be the focus, since it's what separates it from all the rest of the bittorrent clients?
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    Great programs you use

    Webbrowsing: Firefox Email: Gmail and Thunderbird Movie player: Media Player Classic IM: Trillian and Google Talk IRC: no voip in general: no Music Player: Winamp and musikCube Audio Editing: Audacity Unzipping: WinRAR/XP's winzip/7Zip Picture browsing: none Picture editing: Fireworks 8 CD burning: Nero image mounting: Daemon tools Antivirus: none Firewall: xp's + router Bandwidth Monitor: none Temp monitor: none FTP: Filezilla Text: Notepad CD Ripping: Exact Audio Copy mp3 Tag Editor: Tag&Rename