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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Yes it does eventually finish downloading. The problem is a "normal piece" is not converted to a "stream piece" (darker green) and it's not prioritized. It does get downloaded eventually, just ruins streaming.
  2. The latest or second-latest version of 3.3.1 beta introduced a new bug: when streaming a video, sometimes a piece gets "stuck". I generally stream movies that are about 3mbps while downloading at around a rate of 10mbps (1.3MB/s and more). Sometimes the movie gets stuck. When I check utorrent, the "pieces" tab, I notice that there is a piece that is being downloaded, but for some reason blocks are not marked with dark green, they are not prioritized for streaming. All the other pieces with consecutively increasing id # are being prioritized for streaming, but the exact next one in the movie, the one with the next lowest id #, is not. The piece availability is >3, with those being the peers I am having that high download speed. You can imagine that this completely blows streaming where you need every piece. Sometimes the player can jump over it and display some garbage blocks, but if each piece is large (4-16MB in size) it presents problems. Current build is 29594, but it's possible that the problem was introduced by an earlier build. I've noticed this problem both on my desktop and on my laptop with both smaller movies and larger ones. Both higher bitrates and smaller bitrates. The torrents are healthy with plenty of seeds. And the speeds I am downloading at is 2-3 times higher than the movie bitrate (video+audio), and that speed is mostly from seeds. So I can safely exclude availability issues.
  3. I couldn't agree more. What in the world is the team smoking? They should really cut it out. I read the announcement where you said you'd stop adding features, I see you're now focused on adding bugs. New bugs with each new release, wohoo! I seriously wanted to donate money when I read about focusing on stability. I will SURELY not donate anything now. Keep up the good work. Before someone jumps on me for not coding a torrent client. Well, if utorrent would have been open source, I would complain less and actually fix stuff. But I can't. Things like utorrent downloading files explicitly deselected should be an easy fix. Not even sure how it's broken-able. tldr, I don't know what the greater vision of the project is, but from my point of view it's not the right one and I won't help utorrent or follow new releases.