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  1. you mean this blocky data pic?
  2. I'm actually working on something similar to that at the moment.
  3. Having a go at the hummingbird concept:
  4. Ok, here are some sketches for my latest take, with a bit of an essay on how I came up with the idea (doing studio art in high school has given me a habit of writing down my thought process). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If taking business management has tought me anything its that the logo is an essential part of brand recognition. When you hear the name of the business or product the logo should pop into your head, and vice versa. Although big corporations can easily achieve this effect through advertising, smaller businesses and products have had to adopt a more literal approach when designing their logo. This concept has been demonstrated well by various BitTorrent clients - when you hear "BitComet", you think of a comet and the appropriate logo comes to mind. The same goes for BitTornado and others. The problem facing uTorrent, however, is that there is no noun in the name, no clear object to identify, rather an adjective which can be tied to a number of images. This caused me to think - what is micro? The first things that sprang to mind were a microchip and an atom, the latter of which works surprisingly well for our purposes. Atoms are tiny, simple, powerful. Sound familiar? So I ran with this idea, taking the popular image of an atom (a circle with the paths of neutrons and electrons going around it) and jazzing it up a bit by "borrowing" ( ) MechR's green and blue arrows to represent data flow. Below are some sketches I threw together last night. As you can see, the first versions were looking a bit 2D and crowded, so I changed it a bit for the second one, as well as trying a different colour scheme. I'd like to get your feedback on the idea before I give it the whole photoshop treatment.
  5. I've come up with a great idea, but I need a few days to work on it. I'll try to put some sketches up tonight.