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1.6 RC1: initial seeding act weird


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From the changelog:

--- 2006-06-26: Version 1.6 Release Candidate 1 (build 467)

- Fix: Superseeding should work better

I shall try 2 explain:

2 MBit upload connection

my ISP is listed for throttling bittorrent protocol

max. upload-slots = 9 (~25 kB/s average/peer)

max. conn. peers/torrent = 50

encrypt. enabled & enable legacy

DHT disabled

advanced settings default

uploading a new torrent to 24 peers

12 peers uses the "E" on the peerslist

When the first peers try 2 get each an other piece, they are really fast in getting it (the low-ping & encryption enabled peers) till ~70 kB/sec and more. Then they get chocked and µTorrent is searching, & "unchoke" the other "slower" peers to get their first piece. Then the upspeed is dramaticly decreased, and is waiting till all the "unchoked" peers complete there share, and ignoring the max number of uploadslots at the start of the torrent, even "use additional slot if speed <90%" is checked? Very strange.

Somehow there must be a algorithm set for the initial seeding to unchoke the fast peers more effectly/faster & less uploadtime for slow receiving peers, even if they didn't get the first piece complete on the first attempt.

Maybe a new option "max. uploadtime (s) to peers when superseeding" is worth something. However this setting is different for each torrent, cuz of the piecesize.

In other words it's trying to give everyone the same amount of data. (i think)

But with all the current different bandwith that peers have it's not 1/4 possible.


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