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My mTorrent is misbehaving


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Hi forum,

I have a 2Mbit DSL connection and I use a USB Modem (Sagem) to connect.

I use the default port in torrent (32459) and I get every type of problem that is physically possible when using mTorent.

My speed problems are divided into many interesting categories:

DHT Yellow, i've once achieved downloading speeds of up to 60KB/sec (but this has happened only once in 2 months now).

DHT Green, download speeds of.........0 (or up to 2KB the highest - this is mainly the case everyday)

DHT Yellow, check port forwarding (Ctrl+G) -> port is forwarded.

DHT Green, check port -> port is not forwarded

I check it again the next day, DHT Green - Port is forwarded. (how did that change in a day?)

DHT Green, -> Trying downloading the Open Office torrent (benchmark) -> 4,5KB/sec.

DHT is Yellow, then Green and after an hour, then will turn Yellow again (will it ever make up its mind i wonder)

The list of paradoxes could go on but i dont want to tire you people.

I have been told that I dont need to forward any ports since i'm not using a "classic" router, but a USB DSL Modem. I haven't found any port forwarding instructions for my modem anyway. I am not using a static IP address.

Any clues as to what the *** is going on here?



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Get a static IP address and portforward a port(what sagem modem do you have, it could be a modem/router...remembet to set the speed guide if you haven't.

Besides that, it sounds like a firewall acting up or your ISP is throttling you.

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Speed test results:

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-06-30 15:45:33 EST:

919 / 211

Your download speed : 919 kbps or 114.9 KB/sec.

That is 2.3% better than an average user on as9105.com

Your upload speed : 211 kbps or 26.4 KB/sec.

That is 3.9% better than an average user on as9105.com

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as9105.com... so your ISP is tiscali?

Then, it is probably ISP throttling, since, according to http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_ISPs tiscali throttles bittorrent traffic...

Throttling basicly means that the ISP is putting up some sort of limitation on any kind of dl, it might mean that you have a limit of how fast you, for example, can use µt to download different files, but it might also affect other kind of P2P, or even regular HTTP

downloads, many things can trigger ISP throttling: Using a method the ISP doesn't approve of, Downloading too much, Downloading too often ect. ect...

You can try to enable protocol encryption, or if that doesn't work, try inforcing it...

Other then that, the only cure is chaning ISP.

Also, it sounds like you only have a 1Mbit/256 line, so the corect settign for the speed guide is XX/256kB, and your real downloading limit(without throttling) should be around 115-120 kB

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Thanks for the reply, this makes a lot more sense now.

But if this is the case, then why do I SOMETIMES get good downloading speeds, and MOST of the times i don't? If my provider was throttling, wouldn't that be permanent and constant?

One last question, what's chaning IP? (or did u mean changing?)

My line is a 2Mbit but i ran the test with Los Angeles based server. I think because of the distance involed, it probably gave me a lower speed. I can download HTTP and VPN as fast as 2Mbits.

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Well, some ISP's throttle during main hours, where traffic is highest, looking at the link i used, you can also see that "limits bandwidth during certain times of the day" is checked with tiscali...

And yes i meant changing, there are ISP's out there that does not throttle your connection.

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