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Hi there,

while I haven't absolutely done something like this myself, I would think that if you are worried about hiding the files, while sharing on mail or other channels online, you could zip up the torrents and then upload the zipped folder through a fileshare service such as sendspace etc. In these cases, (a) the files are in a zipped folder (you could also add a p/w for additional security) and (b) the info shared is not the file itself but the LINK to the site, and its only when the recipient clicks on the link, that the actual torrent is made available (c) the link will expire in a given time space and the data will no longer be available, either to the host or to the users involved (you and the person you mail) 

So i think perhaps this could be a way for you to avoid the normal channels.

Again, just thinking aloud, I haven't tried this personally

All the best !

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