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Running multiple instances with uTorrent


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I've been trying to set up my pc to run multiple instances of utorrent, some with the same version, and others with different versions, once different tracker require sometimes different versions. But I'm not there yet. I've had some difficulties finding a good tutorial about how to do it properly.

I use windows 10 and would like to install those different versions. Is there anybody that could write a complete tutorial about how to do it. I think it would be useful for many starters like me, here, in the main forum.


I've read something about that, and i've tried it, like this thread: http://www.torrent-invites.com/showthread.php?t=56252

But there always errors that come up regularly.

I would like to know what files should i copy and those i should not copy to the utorrent c:/Programs(x86) folder.


Can anyone explain here step by step what should be done, from 0 to a complete tutorial?


Thank you very much to all the participants.



I've copied all files from appdata folder to utorrent's c:/Programs(x86) folder, except settings.dat.old. When closing utorrent program, this message keeps coming up (see image):

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot. I can't find an way to solve this.

uTorrent error.png

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