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Removed all files but still with no disk space available using my macbook!


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Hello guys,

I just recently downloaded utorrent for my new mac and 

I had reseted my mac to its default setting in order to restore my entire HD disk space, and I was happy until I tried to delete a huge video file (30GB) using the right mouse button

I went right-click, then choose the "remove all files" option from the menu, and I thought I has been done, but when I checked my disk it still had the same used space.

The folder "downloads" was empty, with no any file related.
Nothing more appearing thru uTorrent menu as well.

Any idea on how to restore my disk space?
I don't know where to look for or what the problem might be.


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Dl clean my mac 3. It should be a free trial so u can run it any itll clean any unwanted files.


Maybe u only removed the torrent but didnt actually del the files. U can always go to the folder where u set ur utorrent dl to go to n see if the files u supposed to remove are still there. Utorrent on pc creates a temp file for unfinished/unnamed dl. But im not sure where it is on mac. Cleanmymac should scan n find those wanted files for u easily.

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