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Utorrent 3.4.5., process will never close, I mean never.


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Windows 8.0 64-bit utorrent 3.4.5. latest build as of March 2016. When I exit utorrent and the GUI goes away, the process never exits, I can still see it in Task Manager. Access is denied to kill the process. I have given it plenty of time to quit on it's own, hours. I have to restart every time. That wasn't the case with version 3.4.2. of some build number.

Anybody else, or just me?


What resource could the process be holding that denies the OS from killing the process?

EDIT: Guess what the solution is. Kill the task in task manager without trying to properly close Utorrent at all (by right click exit, requesting that it close itself). Just kill utorrent.exe in Task Manager when you want to quit. No 'access denied' error. After telling the program to close, task manager doesn't have access. Something retarded is going on, but I'll go with it.

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