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Virus Warning?


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Hello all.

Roughly a week ago I tried posting over in the "General" section.  I received one reply to my post by someone named "PiusX"; I replied back but there's been no activity on that thread since.  So, I thought I'd come over here to the "Troubleshooting" section to see if I get more of a response here.  I see that the poster "PiusX" posted over here, too, recently, so maybe they or someone else can help me out here.

I should have taken a screen-capture picture of what I'm about to describe, but didn't, so I'll try to describe from memory as best I can.

After a torrent I was downloading was complete, a little message box popped up on-screen in the middle of the uTorrent program interface; it kind of had two-messages-in-one.  One message was basically an offer to upgrade to uTorrent Pro, and the other message was a warning that the file I just downloaded might possibly be infected (with a virus).

I did some searching on the 'Net and found that others had experienced something similar (if not exactly the same).  Some people seem to think that it's basically a marketing ploy to get you to buy the upgrade to uTorrent Pro.

The other item I came across during my search was that if the torrent file you just downloaded contained an ".exe" file, that this warning message is going to pop up regardless (regardless of whether the file is really infected with a virus or not).  Meaning:  It's just letting you know that frequently executable files are known to have viruses......so proceed with caution.

For instance, if you had downloaded a text file, or a video file, that they would most likely not be infected with a virus that could be executed.

So, yes, the file that I downloaded did contain an application file/ .exe file.  Is this the only reason I received that "warning" message about a possible virus infection?

I went and scanned the file with the anti-virus program I have and no infection was discovered.....and not that that is 100% proof that nothing is infected.  No anti-virus program is full-proof; sometimes things slip through.

So anyway.......anybody out there experience what I experienced from what I described above?  A pop-up message offering an upgrade to uTorrent Pro, while telling you at the same time that the file you just downloaded might possibly be infected?

Thanks for any info,


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