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TLDR: Resuming torrents on new phone

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Hello all, hope these words find ya in the best of health.

My question is about resuming my torrent downloads on a new phone. 

I recently got a new phone (s7). I had previously been using the program on an s5 and had it downloading to my external sd card. When I got my new phone, I still had quite a few torrents downloading at various intervals. I copied the torrent download folder to my new phone and placed it in the correct spot on the external. I then opened the magnet links and selected the download folder with all the previous incomplete downloads. I expected the program to do that 'calculating' thing where it would be checking the files and showing the progress of the download; much like it has always been doing when I'm resuming a torrent. Unfortunately, it seems like the torrent is downloading from scratch. I double checked the folier placement and everything is correct. What am I doing wrong? Additionally, I know that on computer to resume after fresh install requires some manipulation to the resume.dat file. My only guess is that I should carefully uninstall the program, then reinstall, and to goto settings and make sure I move the program storage (of the actual program not downloads) to the external sd. If anyone has any notions on how to proceed that would be great, but I rather not proceed any further, lest I muck it all up. If everyone is stumped I'll go ahead with my idea then post the results.

Thanks for your time.

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