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add tracker and download path columns to webui?


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I'm using the latest version of utserver that I could find for debian7...  this one:  http://www.utorrent.com/intl/en/downloads/linux

The about dialog through the webui reports the following version info:

Copyright © 2013 BitTorrent, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Client Information
Product Version 3.3
Source Revision 30470
Build Date 2014-01-14 09:10:15 -0800
UI Revision 30470
Peer ID UT330B
User-agent uTorrent/330B(30470)(server)


The webui does not show two key pieces of information, one is to display the tracker field for each torrent.  The other is to display the download path of each torrent.  It doesn't show this information in the properties panel, nor as a column on the main torrent list.   Is there any way for me to add that info?

Is there an updated webui.zip which has this information showing?  if not, any suggestions for tweaking it to work?  Seems like there used to be an old webui.zip floating around for a long time that everyone used to recommend, which looked more dated looking then this new one...the new one resembles the one used through their remote access service.  but the old one had more information like this displayed.  I'm not sure if that old webui.zip will be be compatible with this newest version 3.3 of utserver.   if so I can just drop that in there and live with the old looking GUI I don't mind, as long as its fully compatible.  But I guess I will lose something that way...would rather update the new one if there is a way.  Anyone know?




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