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WebUI List fields


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I'm mostly though writing a small program to access uTorrent via the WebUI, when I discover that the \GUI\List function does not provide access to the Completed On value.  What I was trying to do was to automate clearing out older torrents by checking how long it had been since the torrent completed.  I figured leaving a torrent available for seeding for, say, 30 days, was sufficient.   But without a completed date, this is impossible.

Am I overlooking something?  Or is this piece of information, which I would have thought was pretty basic, simply not available?

And a BTW, could someone PLEASE document the returned fields from the LIST properly, the latest Doc I could find only lists 18 or so fields, when it actually returns 28 or 29 (I forget).  This kind of lack of documentation for an API is basically inexcusable.




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OK, I guess nobody has an answer here, so I plunged onward and came up with another way to work around it.


But now I'm stymied in trying to actually remove the torrent.  I've tried all kinds of variations to the WebUI command string, and all I get back is "Invalid request" 

My request looks like:

http://localhost:9091/gui/?action=removedata&token=kjhjh.....khkkj&hash=jhkj kjhkjh....sdsdsd

Q1: Is the order of operands important?

Q2: should the hash value be enclosed in quotes?  Single or Double?

Q3: I don't think the Token needs quotes as it seems to work fine with a list=1 request. True?

Q4: Any way to debug what Invalid Request really means?

The actions to obtain the token and fetch the list of torrents is working fine, so the basic interface appears fine, I just can't get this action request to work.


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