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Way to determine unused torrent files?


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I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to organization. In the utorrent user data folder, I see I have many more torrent files than I do torrents loaded into utorrent. I used to be a renegade when I was younger by deleting the torrent from the client without using the "remove .torrent" option. Now I've grown older, wiser, less patient with teenagers, and wishing to do the right thing in life; which also includes having a tidy utorrent data folder.

I'm currently running Win10 and I've put it in list view. I added "Date accessed" as a column field in the hopes I could use it to easily organize and see what torrents were still being actively loaded. My thought was each time the client process started, it would read these files and change that value. Deleted torrents would remain frozen in time However, that doesn't appear to be the case.  

Does anyone else have an idea to execute this most important personal goal (without going through one by one)?

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